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Scottdale Borough is regulated by zoning ordinances that set forth all standards, procedures and requirements for building, reconstruction and use of all buildings within the Borough. The Borough also has codes governing use of all land and buildings. The Borough office also enforces building codes, performs inspections and cites violations. Listed are some common zoning and building code rules:

  • House numbers must be visible from the street in Arabic figures (123, etc.)
  • Separate the rain water down spouts from the sanitary sewer
  • Home owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of trees which are on
    their property and those which abut their property.
  • Exposed metal and wood surfaces must be painted or have other protective coatings
  • Parking or storing of commercial vehicles, including tractor trailers, construction trucks, is prohibited on residential streets
  • Do not drain swimming pools across a neighbor's property. Water must flow into storm sewers.
  • Swimming pools, above or in-ground must be issued a building and zoning permit.
  • Accessory structures such as storage sheds, pools, garages and fences require a building and zoning permit.
  • Weeds and grass must not exceed a height of ten inches. Yards must not be cluttered or
    littered with rubble, trash, refrigerators, unused furniture, toys, building materials, etc.
  • Care should be taken to avoid driving over curbs, planting strips and sidewalks, causing damage to the right-of-way with a vehicle. All sidewalk and curb maintenance is the property owner's responsibility.
  • Property owner shall not discharge grass clippings onto a street or alley. Grass clippings may clog storm sewer lines.